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  Aimee Staudt, Vice President and Director of Development, Knapp Properties, Inc.
Supports the external communications needs of the organization to achieve overall awareness and understanding of events, issues, and initiatives among members, prospects, the community, and media.

  Kris Saddoris, Vice President, Development, Hubbell Realty 
Responsible for actively recruiting new members, developing marketing strategies for reaching prospective members, and working on retaining current members.

 Erin Olson-Douglas, Economic Development Coordinator, City of Des Moines
Provides an array of educational opportunities to enhance the knowledge of our members, sharing of best practices, and providing leadership development programs.

Interim Chair: 
Meg Schneider, Senior Vice President, Greater Des Moines Partnership
Responsible for actively recruiting and retaining annual sponsors, ongoing communications and engaging sponsors throughout the year.